Composite Stone

Quartz stone, whose real name is quartz crystal, is one of the hardest minerals on earth. Quartz is one of the most abundant and most common gemstones on the world surface. Resistant to both chemical and mechanical decomposition, quartz stone is composed of metaphormic and sedimentary rocks. Quartz is found in almost every part of the world and is mostly extracted in Brazil and Madagascar. Even the richest deposits of blue quartz, one of the most precious stones in the world, are in Brazil. It is also mined in many African countries. In Turkey, especially smoky quartz and most beautiful of its kind in the black 'Morion' being removed. Amethyst crystals are found in volcanic rocks in the vicinity of Gögü-Dursunbey Village in Balıkesir. Aydın Damder-Karacasu Village has light and transparent smoky quartz crystals. Smoky quartz and mountain crystal (transparent quartz) are common in Mersin Beleni Village of Koçarlı district of Aydın. Quartz crystal, which has been used in the treatment field since ancient times, consists of components of oxygen and silicon. Today, treatment is one of the leading stones. Metaphysically it is the symbol of force and hidden power. It transmits nature's energy through it. It is believed that the universe represents the infinite power and that the bearer can grasp this power.

It eliminates the negative energy that occurs around the person and collects, activates and accumulates the positive energy. It also has a feature that activates thought forms. Today, quartz is transformed into different products for use in different fields with modern technological methods. For example, in areas such as kitchen and bathroom countertops and floor slabs where marble and granite are used, quartz is a sine qua non of today's life, and it is becoming more and more.

In such products, minimum 93% of its content is made suitable for use by compacting quartz, small amount of polyester resin binder or white cement binder pigments. This gives quartz composite stones unmatched strength and durability. Quartz compound stones are the best alternative to granite and marble. As an alternative design product for natural stone such as granite and marble, quartz-based composite stone is rapidly increasing demand in the world and in our country.

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