Construction Chemicals

Silica sand is one of the important raw materials used in different industries. Silica Sand, Casting Industry, Building Industry, Pipe Manufacturing, Treatment Plants (Filtering), Surface Cleaning Material (Blasting), Textile (Sandblasting), Glass (Sandblasting), Skid Sand, Chemical industry and various sports fields are offered to customers' demand.

Casting Industry

Casting molds and core casting sands are used for metal casting. There is no sintering up to 1500 degrees in these molds. When our high silica and low clay products are used, many advantages are provided to the producer, especially resin consumption.

Building Industry

Used in tile and ceramic adhesives, repair, joint mortars, surface hardeners, glass wool production, fiber reinforced precast.

Pipe Manufacturing

GRP Pipe: Glass fiber, glass wool and resin together with the pipe is used for strength. Waste Water and Clean Water Iron Pipe: It is used to increase the resistance against corrosion by coating the inner surfaces.

Treatment plants

It is used for purification and filtration of water and other liquids to be used for various purposes.

Surface cleaning

Used for cleaning all kinds of rusty metal surfaces.

Textile (Blasting)

It is used for aging the surfaces of various fabrics. Mostly used in Jean (jeans) sandblasting.

Glass (Noise)

It is used for spraying sand on glass surfaces to give various patterns.

Skid Sand

It is used in trams and trains to prevent possible icing and slippage. This ensures safer stop and cruise.

Various Sports Areas

Used in Golf Courses, Carpet Fields, Horse Racing Tracks and manege areas.

Kimya Sektörü

Used in the production of sodium silicate.

Children Play Sand Application
Historic Artifact Sandblasting
Landscaping & Gardening
Aquarium Sand and Gravel
Children's Sandbox
Children play pool
Skin mask
Cookware Manufacturing Industry
Epoxy (floor) application
Showcase arrangement
Beach Sand
Chemical Treatment Industry
Engineering Industry
Pool maintenance sand
Pool filter sand
Treatment plant sand
Gasket Manufacturing Industry
Screw Manufacturing Industry
Kindergarten Play Sand Pool
Metalware manufacturing industry
Production of fault sand (accessories, bijouterie)
Silver welding sand
Leather and Food Treatment Plants
Foundry Industry
Landscaping sand
Rubber Floor Sand
Metal Production Industry
Exterior sand
Iron and steel industry
Architecture environment, garden arrangement sand
Oil Production Industry (Drilling Gravel)
Terrarium sand
Plant Sand
Pigeon Bottom Sand
Pigeon Bottom Feed
Drilling gravel
Landscaping Gravel
Drilling Crush
Sand and gravel
child play sand
Children Play Sand Application
Sand and gravel
Treatment tank equipment
Natural Ocean Sand
Natural sea sand
Pebbled natural beach
Natural Ocean Pebbled
Sand blasting historical monument
Insulation sand
Grinding Sand
Restoration sandblasting sand
Restoration material
Children's play sand
Ground fill sand
Alum sand

Silica Sand and Pebbles (Quartz sand) Where to use

Silicon or silicon are the most widely used areas. Sand and clay form is used in concrete and brick making. It is a very resistant element to working conditions with high temperatures. Silicate form is important in enamel, enamel and pottery making. It is used in filtration and water treatment plants for filtration. It is used in the construction chemicals sector for the production of specific products and as sandblasting sand. It is used in the production of cement-based concrete tiles in the construction sector. It also appears in deep well drilling. It is used as raw material in the production of basic building products. It is used as skidding sand in railroad vehicles and as casting sand in casting industry. It is used as filling sand in epoxy based industrial floor applications and as beach sand in tourism sector. Precast is used as raw material in the production of facade claddings, beach sand in the tourism sector, and kum carpet field sand spor in sports facilities with artificial floor coverings. It is seen as sandblasting sand in the jambs produced for decoration purposes in the construction sector.

The main raw material of casting molds and core casting sands, raw material in ferroalloy / alloying production, production of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals, as slag adhesive, with the purpose of cleaning and smoothness of the metals before physical and chemical coating, with the main material of sand, abrasive and cutters. It is used as raw material in silicon carbide production. In the ceramic and refractory industry, raw materials of glass, vitrified, tiles and enamel products are used as raw material, chamotte and fire bricks raw materials are used as raw materials of optical fibers. Silica sand sectors used in Construction Industry; tile and ceramic adhesives, repair mortars, joint mortars, epoxy floor and surface hardeners, glass wool production, fiber reinforced precast construction, facade jamb production, izocam and stone wool production raw material, pipe production GRP pipes, glass fiber, glass wool and to provide strength to the pipe together with the resin. Waste Water and Clean Water Iron Pipe is used to increase the corrosion resistance by coating the inner surfaces. It is used for clarification, purification and filtration of water and other liquids to be used for various purposes in blasting and cleaning of metal and non-metal surfaces in industrial cleaning area before paint and primer. It is used in raw materials, filtration and filtration processes in silicate and glass water and silica gel production in chemical industry. The Textile Industry, on the other hand, is used for sandblasting fabrics.

It is used in construction industry, foundries, abrasive blasting operations, surface and other mining operations, painting, coating, glass, cosmetic, plastic and cleaning products.

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